GLAM Vermont

GLAM Vermont’s mission is to enhance the health & wellness of gay, bi, trans, queer + male identified individuals (18-35) in Vermont through stigma-free HIV & STI education, HIV testing, outreach events, and community building. GLAM provides opportunities for folx to empower themselves and make an impact in their community through outreach and social events.


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Getting Involved

What is GLAM?

MPowerment project

GLAM is part of the nationwide MPowerment Project, which is a model HIV prevention program that has been specifically designed to address the needs of gay, bi, trans, queer + male identified individuals (18-35)

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GLAM offers new, exciting events for gay, bi, trans, queer + male identified individuals (18-35) who like guys (and their friends!). The wide spectrum of GLAM events include:

  • Themed Parties
  • Game Nights
  • Hiking Adventures
  • Sex Talks
  • Dance Classes
  • and more…

We host events that connect community members to each other and local resources. Check out our calendar to find out what’s happening this week!


Pre-Exposure Prohylaxis (PrEP) is a daily pill that, if taken as prescribed, can reduce your risk for HIV by up to 99%.

HIV Testing

GLAM offers free, rapid, and confidential HIV testing either at-home or in-person with results in 20 minutes. Make an appointment today!


Like PrEP, this daily prescription can reduce your risk for HIV transmission by up to 99% if started within 72 hours of an exposure to the virus.





GLAM Meetings

The GLAM Core Group Meetings are for gay, bi, trans, queer + male identified individuals (18-35). We are proactive young leaders at the forefront of fighting HIV and stigma by building a stronger queer community here in Vermont.

GLAM Core Group members are responsible for making all the decisions at the heart of GLAM: planning new and exciting events, reaching out to community members, and steering the direction of the group.

The Hook-Up


Share your ideas with Kell!

Need an HIV Test or connection to the healthcare?

Email Richard and he’ll get you in contact!


Wanna Join GLAM?

Reach out to Jake!

Want to collab on an event?

Reach out to Veronica and she’ll work with you.


Need someone to chat with?

Sen will lend an ear and direct you to a resource.